Looking for the Perfect Piece of Luggage

Looking for the Perfect Piece of Luggage or Luggage set can be Mind-Boggling with so many Brands, Sizes, Materials, and Features to choose from. The first thing we suggest is to look at is the purpose of your Luggage. Are you looking for 1 piece of luggage or a Luggage set? Something you use Every day? A Weekend Bag? Do you Travel Frequently for Business? Or Are you a Modern-Day City Hiker? No matter who you are The Luggage Collection has something For You.

Luggage prices can range dramatically from brand to brand. Rockland Luggage products are very affordable and stylish, they offer a 4-piece Luggage set for a bit over $100. Whereas the astonishing Briggs & Riley Torq Large 30" Spinner can cost you about $600. Shopping in your price range is your best option. Most luggage companies come with a warranty of some type which takes care of manufacture faults. The best way to keep your luggage looking and performing at its best to is read and follow the care instructions.

Options! Options! Options! I don't know about you, but I love options. The features of Luggage can become a key factor in determining what you need and what you want. My favorite company for features is Pacsafe, Pacsafe must be in the Top 5 of all brands when it comes to safety features and compartments. TurnNLock Security Hooks, eXomesh Slash Guard to protect from cut & runs, RFIDsafe Blocking Pockets & Material, and even a Pickpocket-Deter are basic features on the majority of Pacsafe products. Pacsafe is the perfect bag for highly populated areas where you can't keep a constant eye on your belongings. Samsonite luggage also has incredible light-weight luggage with plenty of organizational features. The durable luggage sets have TSA-approved Locks to keep your belongings safe, the hard-shell sets deliver increased impact strength for durability, while still offering a Limited 10 Year Global Warranty.

Brands, Sizes, Materials, and Features :) The Little things and make up a big decision. Don't let the options overwhelm you, The Luggage Collection gives you a 60-day Trial to test out any piece of luggage to see how it fits you. Yes, seriously I'm not lying a 60-day trial where you can see which features, brands, materials work best for you. See you next time at The Travel Diary.