Traveling with your Significant Other

Traveling with your Significant other can be a great learning experience for one's relationship and an excellent skill to learn. Traveling allows you and your loved one to gather memories and have once in a lifetime experiences with one another. Nevertheless, this can be more challenging and can cause the relationship to be pushed to new limits. It takes a lot of self-awareness and practice to perfect this skill. Here are our 5 Traveling tips on traveling with your Significant other and not causing friction in your relationship.


5 Tips for Traveling with Your Significant Other

1. Communication is Key

Communication may not always be a walk in the park as the rest of your relationship in this newly found territory. Be sure to talk to each other and listen to each other's ideas and reasoning behind what they do. When traveling together you end up spending so much time together you forget to communicate on the simplest level such as how the person might feel, are they having a good time or even if they are tired. Be sure to do things you both are interested in, you can learn a lot from someone by spending time doing things or eating things they like that may be new to you. If your whole vacation is one-sided there is a major possibility that the other person will not enjoy this bonding experience as much as the other. If things are not going your way be open with your partner and talk about it. The longer you keep frustration inside the more it will build up and the slightest things with start to aggravate you. Can you Imagine 8 days of unhappiness due to a lack of communication? Horrible Right? So, remember the decisions you make whether big or small effect both of you.

2. Apologize

I'm sorry, I didn't realize this would bother you.

Pay attention to each other’s feeling and understand in some instances you may be the wrong one. An apology is a start but understanding why & where the issue derived from and fixing it can make your trip a lot easier. This is a learning experience where things might not always work out in your favor or the same as when you are together back home. You can make your vacation relaxing and a lot more peaceful by being mindful of your actions.  While challenging, think about how better your relationship will be after this experience. Hopefully, the miscommunication doesn't go past Bruch on the Beach or Room Service.

3. Strength & Weaknesses

I have a natural sense of direction East, North, South, West always came easily to me. I know this about myself, I also despise asking for direction even when I'm lost. When traveling with your Significant other it's always best to know what your Strengths and Weakness of travel are. Understanding one's self makes overcoming a weakness or knowing when it's best to use a strength is a great skill to have in life as well as in your relationship. There are skills your partner will have that you may lack in and vice versa. Don't be afraid to communicate with your partner to come up with great ideas of things to do or places to go.

There will always be Threats such as climate change, unavoidable detours, closed attractions but never let them get in the way of the opportunity to try new thing and bond with your spouse. A 20-minute detour can give you 20 extra minutes to walk and talk to your spouse and get to know them better. Rainy days are for Room Service, Movies and Cuddles. You must be able to make the best out of whatever life throws at you and turn those into memories.

4. Have alone time

We understand you going to New York City and you have so much family there but remember this trip is not about them. Make sure when traveling the main goal is bonding and having that one on one time with your significant other. We are not saying you must be in eyesight of the person the entire trip but make those 8 days when you are together something memorable. Walks on the beach, Dinner for 2 or even a Helicopter ride across the Hudson River if you're up for it. The alone time you spend on this trip will make the difference from a Baecation or a trip to New York. Make a story to tell your friends back home full of Love, Laughter, and Experiences.

5. Go All Out

Whether you're a fan of Nike's New marketing campaign #JustdoIt or Drake's You Only Live Once (YOLO) agenda, it is time to have fun. The goal of this trip is to Bond, Learn, and Live. Let your hair down, put your phone on airplane mode, put the E-mail's on hold and enjoy each other’s company. The best part of going on Vacation with your Significant other is the freedom to have their undivided attention while making memories that will last a lifetime. Let this be the first time you go Jet skiing or Snowboarding, visit a Vineyard or See Lion King live on Broadway. Don't wait till it’s too late to make these once in a lifetime memories.

A couple’s getaway can go from Memorable to Miserable not because you don't love each other but, because spending so much time with someone in a new place can become frustrating when things are going as they should. It's hard to hide your emotions when you're around someone for so long so remember to communicate, YOLO, Apologize, Have alone time, Know your Strengths and Weaknesses and again COMMUNICATE to make this trip a walk in the park. We hope these 5 tips make your First or Next travel experience with your special someone incredible and unforgettable.

Until next time, Travel Safe.