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J World

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack




Color: Block Pink
Color: Checkmate
Color: Seafoam
Color: TLC Exclsuive Loveletter Black
Color: TLC Exclusive Tribal
Color: Target Blue
Color: Target Pink
Selected Colour: Block Pink

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Product Reviews (1)

Lucy Wrote on 2018-03-21

Unclip & Tuck In Straps When Rolling

My daughter loves this rolling backpack, but she didn't even have it for a month before the ends of the straps got stuck in the wheels and tore right off. She didn't notice it at the time and the straps can easily get caught in the wheels. This was disappointing. Make sure you unclip the straps when not wearing on the back and tuck the straps into the back pouch pocket. This should prevent any mishaps. We bought this for use just as a roller so my daughter can live without the straps. My daughter is in 4th grade and has a few heavy books to carry around. We find the main compartment area to be sufficient amount of storage for holding quite a few books and binders. The wheels are made from a hard plastic and we haven't encountered any rolling issues so far. There are two height settings for the handle bar. At the lowest setting, the height is 34" from the ground to the top of the bar. At the tallest setting, the height goes up to 39". For now, the backpack has been pretty durable and there's plenty of storage, but make sure you tuck in those backpack straps!
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